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iPhone/iTouch WordPress Theme/Plugin

iPhone WordPress Theme, WordPress Plugins

Recently I bought an iPod iTouch Gen 2. What a hoot. As a firm lover of WordPress I looked for a theme to make viewing of WordPress sites easier on the iTouch.

Two I found were:

Mobile Edition works with smart phones in general and creates a basic template without images and large fonts. Mobile Edition has two parts, a plugin to sense a small browser and a theme. When the plugin detects a small browser, the theme is activated. RHPhone is based on this approach.

WPTouch creates a very pretty look but is limited in the support of the sidebar. WPTouch also only works on the iTouch and iPhone.

I wanted something that would support this site with both sidebars and work on any smartphone including iPhone and iTouch.

RHPhone is built on the old Classic template. The template used on this site has two sidebars. I wanted Sidebar-1 to appear first on the bottom then Sidebar-2 under it. This made movement from RHPhone to the normal template and back seamless. Another advantage to support two “sidebars” is if your theme only uses one sidebar, the second in RHPhone can be used for widgets you only want to show when in smartphone mode.

I took Alex King’s Mobile Edition plugin and modified it to call rhphone instead.

Click to Download
I am developing it with an iTouch. This is my live test site so here is where you can see it in action. RHPhone can be viewed on any device or browser.

Click to activate RH Phone
Click to activate the normal template

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